Behlul Numan Ozdemir

Field of Expertise: Geomatics Engineering, Geodesy and Photogrammetry

Programming: .NET, C#, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Python, R

Dr. Ozdemir completed his undergraduate studies in the Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry (Geomatics Engineering) at Karadeniz Technical University in 2011. He further pursued his academic journey by obtaining a master's degree from Sel├žuk University Faculty of Engineering in 2015 (which later became Konya Technical University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences in 2018). He successfully completed his doctoral studies at Konya Technical University (2020).

He is currently focused on developing his skills and expanding his knowledge in the field of geomatics, with particular emphasis on advanced techniques in geodesy and photogrammetry, Multi-GNSS, GNSS Observation File Analysis, Ionospheric Anomalies and Indoor Positioning.

In addition to his research pursuits, Mr. Ozdemir has shown proficiency in various programming languages and frameworks, including .NET tools, C#, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Python, and R. He utilizes these programming skills to support his research activities, developing software solutions to address research challenges.

Mr. Ozdemir is deeply committed to continuous professional growth and stays updated with the latest developments in his field. He approaches research problems with a meticulous and critical mindset, consistently striving to provide innovative solutions. His research findings have been presented at esteemed conferences and seminars.

As a dedicated researcher, he aims to contribute to the academic community through his ongoing research projects and collaborations. Mr. Ozdemir is enthusiastic about expanding his knowledge, honing his skills, and making meaningful contributions to the field of geomatics.